Our story

Founded in 2008 in Annecy, Art By Friends specializes in the organization of cultural and artistic events as well as artists’ promotion.
Since April 2014, we evolve with the opening of our own space of creation, exhibition and reception of the public. Every month are organized numerous events which arouse the interest of a public believer and more and more wide. Furthermore, Art By Friends  develops an itinerant exhibition through Europe in partnership with Opinel.

We were able to work in partnership with brands such as Red Bull, Carhartt, Vans, Opinel and institutions as Annecy’s castle museum, the Salomon Fondation, the Talloires Abbey, the city of Annecy through the implementation of exhibitions, artistic performances, and custom-made orders.

Numerous artists in the heterogeneous practices invested the Art By Friends‘s gallery among which Fred Mortagne, Steve Pitocco, Morte, Ben Thé, Brokovich, Minh Tran, Kruella D’Enfer, Ale Giorgini, Jimbo Barbu, Ilk, Gero, Maximilien Minsk, Rylsee and many mor ! Coming from multiple horizons, the presence of these artists registers naturally Art By Friends‘s radius of action in an international dynamics with artists from d’Annecy, Genève, Bruxelles, Paris, Lyon, Lisbonne, Montréal, Vicenza, Berlin, Londres…

Our space

An art gallery, a space directly dedicated to the sale of the creations, a silk-screens workshop, an associative coffee, a “workshop” space… Exhibitions, creative workshops, secondhand clothes shops, videos launching, new collections release, theme evenings are regularly proposed. Come to meet us in this establishment of no more than 200 m2.

Our will and wishes are to make you discover artists from Annecy and elsewhere in a nice and warm atmosphere with professionals to accompany you.

The Art By Friends collective support before any the local scene, and it is quite naturally that actors of the cultural life of the lakeside city came enthusiastically and dynamism to be transplanted to the project: in this team we find Maximilien Minsk, Martine Romand, Brokovich, Resistance fighters, Carousel.


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Curriculum Vitae

Intramural exhibitions


  • LINK OBSESS – Maximilien Minsk – From 6 May till 9 June
  • LA VIE EST BELLE – Laurent Claveau – From 7 till 29 April
  • OUT FOR FAME – Collaboration with Fresh Paint Gallery. Illustrations and typefaces – From 8 till 31 March
  • WHITE ROOM – Vanessa Andrieux’s photos – from January 18th till February 24th


  • GIFLE – livened up Gifs and illustrations – From December 9th till January 14th, 2017
  • VIDEO CLUB – Video projections, exhibition – From 1 till 31 November
  • SURVIE (Loïc Sattler) – Illustrations and digital creations – From 6 till 31 October
  • RADAR x FRANC COLLEURS – Reality increased – September 30th
  • PIGEON CAMO #2 – Photographies – From 9 till 28 September
  • ALI – Monoschedule exhibition – from 22 till 31 July
  • GRANDEUR ET DÉCADENCE – Collaboration with Fresh Paint Gallery – Illustrations and digital creations – From May 7th till July 11th
  • ULTRA SAUVAGES – Tank and Popek – Drawings, paints, cool things – From 2 till 30 April
  • OPINEL SERIES #2 – Customisation and diversion – From January 16th till February 29th


  • OPINEL SERIES – Customisation and diversion – From January 17th to February 10th
  • ILLUSTRI – Illusrations – 20years of the Annecy and Vincenza’s twinning – From February 14th to 28th
  • LAS BANDIDAS – Kruella d’Enfer (Lisbonne) – Monoschedule exhibition From March 7th to 31th
  • CAN YOU DIG IT – Isaac Holland, Hoar, Kor (Montréal) – From April 11th to 30th
  • TETRAS – Brokovich – Monoschedule exhibition – From May 7th to 30th
  • BASEBALL SERIES – Customisation and diversion – From June 20th to August 31th
  • FROM DIRT TO DUST – Photography exhibition x Carhartt – From September 11th to 30th
  • TRANSLUCIDE – Illustration and digital creation – From October 8th to 31th
  • INAPRIVOISE – Minh Tran – Monoschedule exhibition – From november 7th to 30th
  • CREDO – Morte – Monoschedule exhibition – From December 5th to January 9th


  • FREAK ME OUT (Tougui) – Graphic customisation of toys – From June 15th to 30th
  • OUT FOR FAME – Collaboration with Fresh Paint Gallery, Illustration et typeface – From June 28th to July 31th
  • IT GETS BETTER – LVBR collective (Paris) – Graphism, video, illustration – From August 8th to 31th
  • PIGEON CAMO – Photography exhibition – From september 13th to 31th
  • GUESS WHAT – Rylsee (Berlin – Genève) – Monoschedule exhibition – From October 4th to 22th
  • SAVAGE (Loic Sattler) – Illustration and digital creation – From October 23th to November 14th
  • NUIT NOIRE – Benjamin Tran, Elysanne Tremblay (Montréal) – Monoschedule exhibition – From November 15th to December 10th

Outside exhibitions


  • OPINEL SERIES – From May 16th to 23th – Wanted Design, Brooklyn (US)
  • GRANDEUR & DÉCADENCE – From January 26th to February 28th –  Sofffa, Lyon (FR)


  • OPINEL SERIES #2 – From September 1st to 10th – Next Door Gallery, Genève (SWI)
  • OPINEL SERIES #2 –  From July 29th to August 7th – Fresh Paint Gallery, Montréal (CA)
  • OPINEL SERIES #2 – From April 4th to 27th – Ausstellungshalle, Bayreuth (GER)
  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – From April 29th to June 30th – Maison des Arts, Aime (FR)


  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – Customisation and diversion- From October 18th to 31th – Cantiere Del Barche, Vicenza (ITA)
  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – Customisation and diversion – From August 1st to 10th – Fresh Paint Gallery, Montréal (CA)
  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – Customisation and diversion – From January 8th to 31th – Fondation Salomon, Annecy (FR)


  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – Customisation and diversion – From September 18th to Ocotber 1st – Genèv’Art Space, Genève (SWI)
  • BROKOVICH – Monoschedule exhibition – From May 22th to July 15th – Appart du 17, Annecy (FR)
  • ODYSSÉE TOUR – Customisation and diversion – From to 3th to 24th – White And Art, Bruxelles (BEL)
  • BEN THE & FRANCK MEKIDECHE – From March 29th to April 30th – Appart du 17, Annecy (FR)
  • ART BY FRIENDS x FRESH PAINT GALLERY –  France x Canada collaboration – From January 10th to February 28th – Appart du 17, Annecy (FR)


  • DÉTOURNONS LES PLANCHES – Art By Friends’s 5 years retrospective – From November 22th to March 25th 2014  – Palais de l’Ile, Annecy (FR)
  • 5TH ANNIVERSARY – Art By Friends 5th anniversary – From Ocotber 4th to November 10th – Abbaye de Talloires (FR)
  • ART BY FRIENDS V – From May 11th to June 23th – Palais de l’Ile,  Annecy (FR)
  • BROKOVICH & BEN THE – From March 29th to April 30th – Appart du 17, Annecy (FR)


  • ART BY FRIENDS IV – From May 19th to June 18th – Palais de l’Ile, Annecy (FR)
  • ART BY FRIENDS III – From May 14th to Jun 18th – Palais de l’Ile, Annecy (FR)
  • ART BY FRIENDS II – From March 12th to 26th – Appart du 17, Annecy (FR)
  • ART BY FRIENDS I – From November 29th to December 31th – Café l’Indépendant, Annecy (FR)