After the success of the skateboards exhibitions developed since 2008, and more recently Opinel knives, Art By Friends appropriates a new tool of creation: the baseball bat.

This medium naturally joins the Art By Friends‘s artistic direction and its objects misappropriation dynamics. The baseball bat allows to work again on a wooden medium, a noble material with a singular identity.

This exhibition marks a highlight in the Art by Friends‘s life. It spreads in the continuity of the circuit of itinerant exhibitions set up since May 2014.

The bats exhibition will be the opportunity to find more than 40 artists among whom the talented Ben Thé, Kruella D’ Enfer, Ale Giorgini, Gerz, Dead woman, Isaac Holland and from 2016, in the bend of the cities of Brussels, Montreal, Geneva, Annecy, Vicenza, and many others else!!!