A gif is an endless digital animation played in a loop. For this show, the GIF will be an extension of a second plastic creation frozen in time (painting or photography).
These two creations will come together as a whole and will be understood only once these two have been reunited. The interaction between the two artworks will be in the heart of the artistic problematic.

About twenty international artists from different fields of works will be invited to propose two realizations (Gif & Painting/Photography) around a common theme.

For his first edition, the Gifle exhibition took place at Art By Friends, from December 9th to January 9th 2017. This brought together 13 artists coming from England, Canada, Columbia, Spain, and France around a common issue. From an obvious, to a more subtle way, artists, accross their creations answered the theme purposing clever and punchy interactive artworks.

Sébastien Touache
David Shillinglaw
Samuel Eckert