An itinerant exhibition named “Odyssey Tour” is proposed since May, 2014 in stp-cities of Brussels, Geneva, Berlin, Montreal and Annecy. The choice of these cities justifies itself by the artistic meetings which were able to develop since 2008 around Art By Friends.

The Odyssey, which draws its homonymy through the epic poem attributed  to Homère, symbol of antique Greece, synonym for epic, story of journey and adventure, symbolizes this tour!
For this first edition, it is more than 60 artists who become famous on a same medium: skateboards!

All revisit in their own way this object at the same time means of transport and symbol of several generations. Passing by painting, design or still the sticking, Art By Friends explores this urban design through a unique exhibition which calls out.

  • BRUXELLES – White and Art Gallery
  • ANNECY – Fondation Salomon
  • GENEVE – Genève Art Space
  • MONTREAL – Fresh Paint Gallery
  • VICENZA – Cantiere del barche
  • AIME – Maison des Arts