The skateboard

A skateboard tray consists of seven wooden layers, cut then stuck. It is mainly made of Canadian maple. Every skateboard has different forms and concave, from a model to another one.

Skateboard practice

The skateboard life cycle is short. On average, a confirmed skater changes his board every two months.

The skater

The wooden tray generally breaks itself at the level of trucks (axles which assure the wheels preservation), what allows to keep a sufficient surface for the recycling process. Once broken the board cannot be repaired and usually ends in a trash can.

Store collect

Every month end, a representative of the association takes place to get back boards broken in the network of partner stores.

Artistic valuation

Then, these raw materials are distributed in schools, MJC(YOUTH ASSOCIATION), participating artists in the operation. The objective is to recycle this reusable material dedicated to the destruction by giving it a second life, in a original way, through series of objects, furnitures and of unique works! Initiation workshops into the creations techniques and into the stages bound to the realization of an artistic work are also proposed. Technique of poker-work, drawing, ceramic paint, collage…


Come to discover all the realizations during the gatherings and the exhibitions of the Art By Friends collective.

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